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www.tivolilighting.com Page 2 of 92 With over 50 years of innovation and experience, Tivoli Lighting continues to lead the linear lighting industry. As a core business platform, our loyal team of 60+ employees constantly strive to incorporate innovation, quality and longevity to every product we engineer and manufacture; and as LED technology advances, our award-winning architectural and theater LED-based products improve in appearance, quality, performance and energy efficiency. Our Mission “To provide the world with the right amount of light in the right places. We want to transform how light illumination is created to the delight of our customers while providing the highest level of customer service in the industry” 44-45 Illumiline Standard 32-33 Covelum ColorMIX 38 TivoCOVE 42-43 Continulum Indoor 4-7 Litesphere / ADAPT 20-21 Controls 40-41 Continulum Outdoor 30-31 Covelum DM 36-37 Titanium Cove 8-13 TivoTape 22-27 Arch. Channel 14-19 Extrusion 28-29 Covelum ID 34-35 Covelum DM Outdoor 39 TivoGRAZE Table of Contents www.tivolilighting.com tel: 714-957-6101 fax: 714-427-3458 Copyright © Tivoli 2018 Tivoli, LLC. reserves the right to modify any specification without prior notice.